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The Future of Hygiene is here


Surface Defence - Long Term Sanitizer Solutions

Clean, Disinfect and Protect YOUR Environment.

Persistent Antimicrobial Based Coatings for Your World

Cost-effective long-term commercial applications servicing a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, hospitality, education, residential, restaurants and more.


Up to 180 Days or more, of efficacy with

The SD Professional, Electrostatic Application

Protective Coating on surfaces at work, at home or on-the-go.

"It is time to revisit how we maintain the cleanliness of surfaces by applying new solutions to a stagnated industry ."

Conventional vs Long Term

Standard Chemical Sanitising

  • Chemical reaction takes place between the antimicrobial compound and the microorganism

  • A chemical sanitiser “sacrifices” a part of itself in the process, thus it breaks down quickly

  • A chemical sanitiser can be easily removed through daily cleaning and needs to be constantly re-applied

Long term Sanitising Coating

  • The cell wall/membrane of microorganism is ruptured on contact with the treated surface

  • Compound is not compromised – “non-sacrificial” coating does not break down during the process

  • The coating when cured, will not be removed through daily cleaning processes

  • SD Labs products made with dtn-100 work by a physical mode of activity

  • Surfaces are protected against pathogens, mould & fungi stains, microbial contamination.


How It Works

SD Pro continuously kills a broad spectrum of harmful germs, bacteria, fungi and moulds through a non-toxic physical mode of action that neutralizes microbes which come in contact with treated surfaces.


The Technology


Due to the unique chemistry of the product, surface penetration and adherence to a substrate are optimized and have been engineered to withstand greater levels of wear and tear when compared to other products in the market.

Trees From Above

Eco-friendly, “Green” and Safe”


SD Labs ™ products eliminate the need for potentially harmful cleaning chemicals. Unlike chemical cleaners, and metal- or triclosan-based treatments, SD Labs™products proprietary silane treatment is non-leaching and non-sacrificial.




Through extensive studies, this technology was found to be effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, algae and moulds including MRSA, C DIFF, E Coli, Norovirus and other medically important microorganisms.

The Process

On-site Analysis

Develop an Application Strategy

Applied by factory certified technicians

Perform follow-up analysis


Markets & Applications

Product formulations can be used safely and effectively in a variety of applications, including:

Be safe . Get Protected

When last did you reach out and touch a bathroom door handle with confidence, knowing that the last person in the cubicle alongside you may not have washed their hands?

When last did you grab a handle rail on an escalator and realize that the sneezing guy ahead of you just rubbed his hand on the same place?

When last did you look at a shower floor in a changing room and quietly say to yourself "*&^, *&^%"... I forgot my slops... too  late, I hope I will be okay"

What do our guests worry about when they visit us???

Let's Talk. We're here to help

Together, we can keep South Africa and our communities safer, cleaner and protected

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