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3 Ways to Enhance Your Airbnb or Guest House Experience

If you want your guests to leave a good review, or event better, come back and stay again, you'll want to go above and beyond to make their stay a memorable one. Here are 4 small touches you can add that will take their stay from good to amazing.

Create Your Own Welcome Basket

Make a great first impression by creating a small welcome basket, filled with some snacks and other local favourites. Consider including goods that are personal to you, such as fruit from your garden or homemade bread or cakes if you’re a baker. If you have guests visiting from overseas, why not include some traditional South African favourites with a little note letting your guests know what they are enjoying. It will be an unforgettable start to their trip.

Include Special Touches

You've no doubt heard people saying how its the small things that count, and when it comes to your guests this is very true! Its the small touches, such as leaving some freshly cut flowers in the bedroom, booking a table at a restaurant your guests want to dine at or leaving a few suggestions or things to see and do in the area, that will make a big difference and will encourage them to tell their friends and to come back.

Make It Personal

Your guests might not be that familiar with the area you are located in, so you can help them out by leaving a note with information such as the best ways to get around, the best restaurants to visit, and other tips to help them enjoy and make the most of their time in your area. If you know they are celebrating an engagement or birthday, you could also leave a little card with congratulations or well wishes.

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