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The Secret Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Updated: May 12, 2020

It's time to Burns calories, Tones muscles, Adds steps to your daily count and feel good!


Far and away the most motivating of this list for me is to listen to some really fun music while getting things sorted.

I’m not talking about calm and relaxing music, rather the type that gets you feeling energetic and even singing out loud a little (go on, no-ones listening!).

Get it playing loud, and you’ll find yourself moving around the house with much more vigour, and you’ll be done in no time…


If you struggle to get reading into your life (very few people now have time to sit and just read….), then audio books may be the best thing you could do for yourself to tackle 2 things in one go.

Not only do you get the jobs done, but you are entertained while doing it.

If you have a list of books you are dying to get round to, then why not start incorporating an audiobook** or two a week when you are doing chores – and you’ll get through them once and for all!

TIP – you can also listen to audiobooks** and podcasts while driving – or walking / running – a great way to get even more listening into your day without really trying…


It can be lonely doing chores by yourself – and while some people thrive on just getting into their own groove with things (me included most of the time), others can find this really demotivation.

So – why not tackle the bigger Spring Cleaning tasks with the rest of the household?

Give everyone jobs to do (age appropriate for the kids of course), and set a timer so you can all race round to see who can get their jobs done first. Once you’re done you could all then go out as a family and have some quality time – you deserve it!

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